Live Dealer Casinos

Online dealer casinos are something of an up-and-coming trend in internet gambling, and have been for a while, now. There are several reasons for this, and the trend as a while deserves to be looked at with some attention.

The house always wins in the end-this is something of an axiom in gambling, no matter what form it might take; the odds are always weighed against the individual gambler, and it is practically impossible for a casino to incur a heavy loss. Even if one person at a table wins, the casino’s loss is made good-and more-by the losses incurred by other gamblers; and even for the individual gambler, it is very likely that the money gained in any one game will probably be lost at another. There is always an element of risk, and, really, that’s what makes gambling exciting, hoping that this time you’ll win, this roll of the dice will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. pussy 888

Online gambling, however, is thought to remove this element of risk, and not in favour of the gambler. The house always wins, in any case, and this becomes absolute truth with online gambling-or so a lot of old-school gamblers fear. They refuse to put faith in the repeated assertions and demonstrations of the Random Numbers Generator (RNG) system, but continue to insist that the machines, the software, is programmed in a way that ensures that the gambler can never win. It’s easy to see their point, really-somehow playing against a machine-or rather an incredibly sophisticated bit of programming-seems somehow far more eerie and difficult than having a human dealer, even though, objectively speaking, it is just as possible for the dealer to cheat you. Human faces are just reassuring, and perhaps it hurts the ego less, to lose your money to a man.

All online dealer casinos play into this, and provide a human dealer the players can see spinning the roulette wheel or dealing the cards. This is a huge development from the early days when the cards or numbers would simply appear, and even a bit of advancement from the era of playing against a 3d animated figure that functioned as dealer.

Quite apart from the fact that old-fashioned gamblers simply feel safer having a human being dealing them the cards that can make or break their fortunes, there are other advantages to live dealer casinos. A large part of the attraction of gambling is the atmosphere-certainly nobody can deny the fact that the glamour and lights and entertainment on show accounts for a large part of Las Vegas’ charm, for instance. Sitting playing blackjack over the internet can’t ever match up to the thrill of stepping into a casino, but having a woman in evening dress, or a man in a suit, serve as you dealer definitely adds to the atmosphere.


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